I have been working in the film industry for around 27 years, I’ve been in the camera department for around 26, shooting for 25, and a full time cinematographer and camera operator for over 18 years.

During this period I have shot close to a 100 music videos, shot in excess of twenty short films, three feature films and I would guess hundreds of TVCs.

I have filmed throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia, the Pacific, South America, Europe and a couple of states in the US of A. These have included spots for the usual local brands as well as Coke, Nike, Toyota, Air New Zealand, Virgin, VW, McDonalds and Buick.

Although I have shot a lot of TVCs, which often teach you how to get your idea or story across in the shortest of time frames, I thoroughly enjoy shooting drama and love the freedom of being able to craft a story with slightly looser story time restrictions. 

Lighting is obviously a passion and often the joy comes from understanding that just a little day light control here or there, or perhaps having an understanding with the sun is the path to happiness. 

However there is another type of joy which comes from crafting your images from scratch to establish a strong message or look of your own.     

As well as doing the majority of my own operating I have camera operated on shows such as Jacksons Wharf, Power Rangers, Thirty Days of Night (2nd unit), the WaterHorse (2nd Unit) and a couple of weeks with Bojun Bazalli on Petes Dragon. In 2017 I was 2nd unit DOP on Ash vs Evil Dead, the stunt, fight, and night exterior unit. And last year, 2018 I was an operator on Mulan MU with the odd cameo on 2U.

During my time as a cinematographer I’ve found that I have developed the skills and expertise to work effectively with crews of various experience, language and skill levels to help elevate the look to something we can all be proud of. Over time I believe I have developed a great eye for finding the right shot, some superb operating and engaging lighting to enhance a good story or idea into a great one. Understanding how the use of colour, composition, focal length, depth of field and camera position and movement amongst other things can help convey your ideas to an audience is also a source of great reward. 

I’m a solid wheels operator, love a bit of hand held and just enjoy cinematography, camera operating and crafting shots in general.

A list of drama credits can be viewed here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0564992/